Top Tips for Home Redecorating

Posted By on Nov 21, 2016 |

There’s something exciting about sprucing up a room in the home and making everything beautiful as it feels so fresh when it happens. It’s recommended that you repaint every three to four years to spruce up dull colouring on the walls as after five years, paint fades or yellows. If the way you live in your home has changed with either the arrival of a new baby or the departure of a family member as they move out of the home, it’s a fantastic opportunity to address your home’s décor and renovate to better suit your new daily patterns. For walls in high traffic areas such as hallways and landings, and at the very least you should consider either hiring a team of painters northampton or do it yourself every three years. Hiring in a professional – especially in the case of a nursery needing decorated – means that you have help to ensure the right paint types are used. Your decorator can also use and advise on window treatments like valance with fabrics like velvet, silk or linen as these have more staying power. Over candle-912773_640time, fabrics are exposed to sunlight and fade, blinds can break and styles and fashions change all the time. It’s really unlikely that 1980’s balloon curtains are going to come back in style! It’s always good therefore to consider changing your window treatments every 10 years.

Wallpaper and dado rails along with coving may have been a huge attraction in the early 00’s but if your walls are going out of style then your home is going to look outdated. It doesn’t make the best impression for your guests and can be fairly depressing to deal with! A professional company specialising in home decorating Rugby will be helpful in advising you what styles and colours would be the best to open the rooms of your home and making things as bright as possible. Home décor magazines and décor shows can be a good source of inspiration for re-decorating. If you are at a loss as to what to do, whether to change a few things or renovate every room, ask your friends and family for ideas! If your budget allows for it, consult an interior designer to assist you in your home and they will be able to give advice on more than just painting and coving issues.

Rarely is a home perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Redecorating can take a lot of energy and resources but even the smallest project can have a big impact. Redecorating can take some money and it’s easy to put off projects and not make changes because of the expense. If you don’t have the budget for a huge home makeover, just shifting furniture around and making space for new artwork on the walls can freshen up a space! Hiring the right decorator can really make a difference in the home. Switch up to energy saving lightbulbs and black out blinds to make savings!