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Permanent makeup has been a solution for celebrities who wanted to look good without the hassle of doing makeup every day in every show they are in. Permanent eyebrows, lips, and eyes are common facial features this type of cosmetic offer. Considered to be the advanced form of body tattooing, permanent cosmetic enables one to look good with defined facial features such as eyebrows, flawless lips and eyes, and alluring liners.

Permanent Cosmetics

The existence of permanent eyebrows specialists in Cardiff are one beauty specialists to look out for if you wanted to invest in permanent make-up. These experts study in the most prestigious British School of Dermagraphic Art where they produced licensed dermatologists, beauticians, and makeup artists around the world. Indeed, having your brows defined by these people gives you the sense of relief and reliability because they are proclaimed, proven and tested experts in this craft. Moreover, they have the experience and offers up the best solutions for their clients after consultation especially to new ones who wanted to try out permanent make up. The advantage of having your eyebrow defined is you don’t have to go through the hassle of plucking your eyebrows everyday because of that tattooed permanent eyebrow in your face. These specialists also make sure that the skin pigment and treatment they use and compatible to your skin to prevent side effects and allergies.

Semi permanent cosmetics

The difference between them and permanent cosmetics is it saves time and quicker in standard procedure than permanent cosmetic application. Semi permanent eyebrows specialists in Cardiff, and semi permanent make-up artists study this craft and the human skin to be experts on applying this cosmetic procedure to various clients. Most people use semi permanent eyebrows and cosmetics to disguise accidental and operational medicinal scars. Semi permanent cosmetics are an excellent solution to anyone who requires treatment of correction from an accident, medical surgical procedure, and diseases. (Such as skin-related diseases like vitiligo). Semi permanent cosmetics are beneficial to correcting imperfections and covering them making it unnoticeable to the public whenever you are on a special event. Online portfolios regarding its benefits suffice in the web, and one can see its helpful advantages thus, are willing to experience having applied one. Semi permanent cosmetics are popular in advanced beauty parlors, salons, and beauty shops.

Credible People

People who have credibility in working with this new kind of technology pride themselves because they are able to help women be more confident and chop off time in applying and re-applying make-up every day. Semi permanent makeup artists are present to fulfill these services to women who wanted to have their face blooming every time. They are duly licensed and are knowledgeable with this kind of make-up and how to apply them safely and thoroughly to a customer’s skin. Their job involves extensive knowledge of the pigments and colors they use, the type of skin compatible to what product they will use, and health assurances to promote safe and clean semi permanent makeup application.





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Planning and organizing a wedding is stressful. But despite the stress that planning a wedding can cause, the bride will always be excited to pick out the wedding gown and accessories to go with it. No matter how simple or elegant the wedding will be, what the bride wears will always catch the attention of the guests. There are so many options to choose from and don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the choices to choose from.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right vintage wedding hair accessories, then you have certainly come to the right page. There are different kinds of vintage bridal headpieces and we have listed them down for you in this article. Continue reading this article to help you decide on the right kind of headpiece that will go with your gown.


The first option is the bridal hair clip or barrette. This is a good option if you want to have your hair loose on the wedding. It helps keep any stray hair from your face yet you still get to show off your lovely curls on your wedding day.

A hair comb is another option that you can consider. It is best used as an accent for your updo or if your veil is a simple one and needs embellishing. This is best used for the birdcage veil. What is great about hair combs is that you can easily find one which will perfectly suit your gown’s adornment.

With a tiara or crown, you have the option to use it alone or use it with a veil. You can have your hair down or you can use it as an accent for your updo. A tiara or crown is pretty versatile which makes it a popular choice among the brides. And if you are going for the princess look on your wedding day then there is no better way to achieve it than by wearing a tiara.

The best way to incorporate the vintage feel in your wedding outfit is to use a fascinator. Fascinators can be used with most hairstyles out there. The best way to complete your vintage feel for your outfit is to have a birdcage veil or pouf attached to it.

A wedding dress or gown with a flower accent is best pair with flower accessories for the hair. It is a great way to incorporate your dress with your headpiece. You can opt to go all natural and get a handmade flower garland or you can get the flower clip or pin. To remain consistent though, make sure that the flowers in your headpiece and bouquet are the same.


Wedding hair pins are the best way to accentuate your elegant updo. It adds a little sparkle to your hairdo without actually stealing the limelight. It is also a great option for those who want to keep their hair in place in a simple and subtle manner.

A hair ribbon is best used during outdoor weddings since it tends to be a little less formal. Brides who want braided hairstyles might also find this a great option.

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Each one of us may have our own opinion and reasons for going into a Semi Permanent Make up Make over Session. Some will do it for therapeutic purposes while a significant proportion of them will go for aesthetic purposes. In spite of the diversified reasons, what makes semi permanent make up alluring is because of the natural beauty enhancement you can get from undergoing such procedure. Thus, making the census of people who are into this grow larger each month. The results are great, but what should we expect when undergoing such procedure?


The Natural Healing Process

Healing may differ depending on the person’s capacity to adapt and recover. However, you should always expect some facial changes even a few hours after the procedure. At this time, experiencing some pain and redness is natural. In order to cope with the pain and soreness, you can gently apply soaked warm cotton onto the area. After a couple of days, roughly 2 – 5 days estimate, the feeling of tenderness, flaking, itching and dryness will add up to the symptoms that you have been experiencing. If you have gone an eye procedure, expect to have fluffy eyes and a little bit longer healing might be experienced. After a week, the healing and recovery of your facial tissues should be more prominent. To further enhance fast recovery, applying of moisturizers and proper hygiene should be observed.


What Should You Not Do

In order to accommodate a fast healing and recovery, it would be best for you to avoid the following:


Constant exposure to extremes of weather is a no, no – Extreme hot or cold weather can affect the healing process of your skin. Also, extreme heat can accommodate bacterial growth which will trigger you to be prone for bacterial growth. The same thing if you are into cold temperature. You are promoting the development of dry and flaky skin which can affect the natural healing process of your skin from the semi permanent makeup session.


Avoid the use of make up for a couple of days – Do not get too excited about the Semi permanent make up before & after effects. You should wait for at least a couple of days before applying on make up because the wounds at that time are not fully healed. If so, you can welcome bacterial infection and accumulation of other infection which is not good for your face.


Scratching, itching and picking the area is a big no, no – Naturally, when our skin gets healed, it can create a very itchy feeling which you should discipline yourself not to touch it. Touching the area especially if you did not wash our hands will introduce bacteria onto the site which will make you prone for bacterial infection.


Do not fail in dealing with it with discipline – if you have undergone an eyebrow tattoo, be disciplined enough to remove the excess fluid accumulated onto the area through blotting. The same is true with other areas that have undergone the said procedure. Keep in mind that the Eyebrow tattooing cost may be expensive but treating the infection caused by improper handling of the site could be more expensive.


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Our eyes are also one of the most important organs that we have in our body. Without it, we cannot comfortably and clearly see things when we need to go to work or to do our everyday tasks. We need to adjust more if we have problems in our eyes or if become totally blind. So it is important to have an eye check up with eye doctor or ophthalmologist so they can prescribe what is right for your eyesight. They may prescribe medicine drops for your eyes, or eyeglasses to wear for correction of your eyesight. The treatment will be based on the diagnosis they found on their tests.

Ophthalmologist or the optometrists are the ones who will provide prescription regarding your check up with them. Sometimes these eye professionals are also recommending you to have a check up with physicians that are specialized in hypertension and diabetes because these diseases can cause problems on your eyesight. But mostly if your vision is blurred the eye doctors are recommending an eyewear. This can help your eyesight to see things clearly.  After they have prescribed you the eyewear you need, you may proceed to the optician who will fit the eyewear for you.

You can find an eye care specialist Leicester that can help you in finding the right eyewear to correct your vision. Optician is the right eye care specialist that is specialized when it comes to designing, fitting and dispensing the eyeglasses that you order based on the prescription. You can choose different styles of eyeglasses or eyewear, color, brand and how it is made. They are the one who will also adjust the eyewear to make sure that it will fit to your eyes and can make you comfortable when you wear it.


Opticians can be found in any eye care center or retail store. If you would like to visit them you can try to look for them anywhere in Leicester or just near your area. Whenever there is eye doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist, absolutely they are with optician to work on your eyeglasses. But then for your knowledge about the difference between the eye doctors and opticians, the eye doctors have degree and should pass exams for them to be an ophthalmologist. The optometrists are regulated and should be registered to General Optical Council or the GOC before they can practice optometry.

The opticians can greatly make eyeglasses for you while you are waiting in their shop. They are not just doing their job like making and design eyeglasses for every patient they are dealing with but also they want to ensure that they can provide the best for their patients. Eyewear or eyeglasses can give you convenience in doing your every day task and that is because of the eye care specialists and the optician. They work together to give the necessary correction needed for your eyesight. So it is important to visit them and the optician for a perfect eyewear you need for your beautiful eyes.

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The eye doctor is someone you will be relying on when you have problems with your vision. Whether you are slowly losing sight, you have already lost it, or are seeing blurry images, the eye doctors are the ones who you can trust in diagnosing what is wrong and providing you with a treatment plan that suits your condition. The right eye care specialists Glasgow are highly capable at treating any eye health concerns you have.


When you plan to visit the eye doctor, you will first have to schedule an appointment. You better ask beforehand what kind of examination you will be going through. There are times when you might need someone to come with you for the said examination while there are also those times when you can just go there on your own.


There are several comprehensive eye examinations that can be carried out during your appointment. It will depend on what symptoms you are showing off or what you have explained. The doctor will be the one to decide which of the available eye exams to go through. It is also possible that this doctor will refer you to another eye doctor.


The eye examination may not only require one or two tests. There are times when you need to go through comprehensive testing which will then turn into a multi-step investigation. Here are the tests that you will most likely go through for the eye examination.


The first one in the list is the pressure test. This is the most common test done to determine glaucoma. Glaucoma easily occurs in the eyes when there is a fluid build-up in the eyeballs. The fluid build-up can then cause harmful pressure. To do the pressure test, the most common method is to shoot a puff of air to the eyes. Doing so allows the eye doctor to measure the eye pressure through light reflections.


Visual acuity test is another type of test done during the eye examination. This is the test that involves the traditional eye chart. You will be calling out randomized letters printed on a chart. The eye doctor will use this visual acuity test to determine how far or close you are able to see, whether it be for both two eyes or separately. It is through the visual acuity testing that one can determine whether or not you need to wear glasses.


Dilation is done so that the eye doctor can peer deep into the eyes. The necessity to dilate or widen the pupils can be met by using a few drops of painless eye drops. You might have to suffer fuzzy vision for a bit so you might need to wait a while.


Do not forget about the slit lamp examination. The eye doctor will take advantage of a microscope that is close to zero in the cornea, retina, and iris as well as bright lights. This eye doctor will determine whether or not there are foreign tissues and so on. The slit lamp examination is required for those who have eye problems, so better go through with it.

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It is important that you properly protect your eyesight. After all, your eyesight is an essential part that allows you to maintain a good quality of life. You must make sure to prevent yourself from suffering any type of sight-threatening problems, especially those that come with age. Vision loss will become a much bigger threat as the individual ages.


If you want to avoid eye problems, then you have to learn how to protect your eyesight. The eye specialists in Chelsea understands the need to take care of the eyes so they are willing to provide high quality eye care tips that everyone can follow. Here are some of the amazing tips that everyone should follow when it comes to eye care.


First of all, you have to find out how high your risk of getting eye diseases is. To be able to understand just how much you are at risk for eye problems, then you have to take note of your family’s eye and overall health history. You are more at risk to sight-threatening diseases when you have a family health history stained with health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.


Get regular eye examinations. There are many eye specialists who will recommend the said examination simply because they want their patients to maintain their good vision and eye health. The eye examination will provide a lot of data regarding the patient’s eye health, after all.


Aside from eye examinations, it is also necessary for the individual to go through physical examinations regularly. The said exam must check for high blood pressure and diabetes. If these diseases are left untreated, it will definitely lead to eye problems. High blood pressure and diabetes can easily lead to sight loss from macular degeneration, eye stroke, and diabetic retinopathy.


Check on the warning signs that there might be changes to your vision. Once you notice that there are indeed changes to your vision, then you better check with your eye doctor as soon as you can. The signs you might want to look for include hazy vision, double vision, difficulty seeing in low light, red eyes, floaters, eye pain and swelling and frequent light flashes.


The eyes should be protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, when one is going out under the sun for several hours, it is highly recommended to wear a pair of sunglasses. This is the perfect shield for the eyes against the harmful UV light. Doings o can protect the eyes against the risk of eye problems like pinguecula and cataracts too.


Your diet will have an impact on your eye health. It is highly recommended that you eat a balanced and healthy diet. The antioxidants you consume will reduce the risk of eye problems. You must make sure to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy these antioxidants.


Fish should be added to your diet. After all, fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The said food can reduce the risk of macular degeneration development. You need this to supplement the required vitamin necessary for better eye health.

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Being a bride is a magical moment. Not only will this mean that you are getting married to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you also get to experience one of the magical moments of a woman’s life. It is a happy event that you should doll up for. If you want to look beautiful during the event, you might want to consider hiring the services of a hair and makeup artist in London.


If you do get the services of the said professional, make sure to schedule a trial run three weeks before the actual wedding date. Especially if you plan to use fake tan during the event, you will have to do the test run so that the makeup artist can see what the skin will look like when it becomes tanned.


When getting the makeup test at a store, always wear white. That way, you will know just how the makeup will look like against pale color. Take a picture of what you look like using natural light and without flash. Do these things first before you purchase anything.


Your eyes should be emphasized. You can do that by brightening any dark spots or areas under the eyes using a corrector and concealer. Just make sure that the corrector and concealer are of the right shade that complements your skin color.


Do not hesitate to bring references to the makeup trial. This means that before the trial you should look up some images that you like. Bring the references on the day of the trial so that you can discuss if it is feasible with the makeup artist. The makeup artist is a professional who will give you advice whether or not the makeup you like fits on you.


For the makeup, understand that your makeup should have enough color. That is because your makeup needs to compensation for the wedding dress’s whiteness. Your everyday makeup will not work with your wedding dress. As what semi permanent makeup artists in Kent would say, your wedding dress is special so your makeup should be special as well. You must make yourself glow for the wedding event.


Be sure to focus on important elements of your look. Examples of that would be your natural-looking beautiful skin, softly groomed brows, as well as feathery lashes. Getting the basic factors correctly will allow the rest of the makeup to fall into their right place.


Check for some application methods. The application method for the wedding day makeup might have some slight variations to how you would apply your everyday make up. By preparing yourself for the slight differences in the way the makeup is applied, the makeup artist will have an easier time helping you out on making you look beautiful.


Get long-lasting makeup products. The wedding day does not only involve the one-hour wedding ceremony. There is also the reception that might span several hours. Moreover, there is your wedding night. Using long-lasting makeup products allows you to look glowingly beautiful from the start of the day up to the end of the night.

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When you are planning to buy an engagement ring, you have to consider whether or not you will be buying it together with the person you will be giving the ring to. It is also possible to buy the engagement ring with someone who knows your partner’s taste and just give the ring to your partner as a surprise. Regardless of who you will buy the ring with, you should prepare yourself for the challenges that come with this purchase.


Indeed, buying engagement rings is not an easy task. There are many things that an individual will have to factor in with his choice. One of the things to consider is the jeweler to go to. The choice of jeweler will make a difference in the quality, style, design, and value of the said ring. Moreover, the jeweler’s customer service can make or break your engagement ring shopping experience.


Another factor to consider when buying the engagement ring is the diamond. You cannot just pick any diamond that you can see. You have to consider the size, color, cut, and clarity. It is imperative that you choose the diamond that your partner will highly likely love.


The quality and size of the diamond will impact the price so you have to take note of your budget before you make the purchase. While you might want to give the best quality of engagement ring to the partner, it is not worth it if you get into debt before marriage. Be aware of how much you can spend for this purchase.


If you want to have an easier time choosing which engagement ring to give to your partner, then consider reading some James Allen reviews. Any other engagement ring shopping reviews, such as the Blue Nile reviews, should do too. These are the reviews that will contain crucial information regarding engagement ring shopping.


The said reviews will include the details on the process that one has to go through to be able to purchase an engagement ring. Every step of the way will be covered, giving you an idea on the prep work you should do before you set out for the purchasing task. Moreover, you will be given tips regarding the shopping that can make the work a lot easier.


The good thing about reading reviews is that you will have an idea on what to expect out of every jeweler. You will know which ones can offer you the best assistance in the purchase and which ones you should avoid. It will save you from wasting your time if you read some reviews beforehand.


You might even get an idea on what ring to choose when you visit your jeweler of choice. After all, there are cases when the reviews include notes on what rings are highly valuable. You can just show the ring to your partner and see if she likes it.


There are many benefits that come with reading the reviews before setting out to make the purchase. It will help make the task easier. You can make preparations to have a smoother purchasing experience. Definitely, reading reviews beforehand should be worth it.

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