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There’s little you can do for possibly the most important and biggest day of your life until you set a date for your wedding. You can day dream and write journals and plan how you would love the big meringue princess dress alongside a gold and ivory theme day… but without a date, you don’t have save the dates. And without a save the date, you can’t design or send your invitations.

Keeping all your stationery similar in style is a great idea, but having bold save the dates can make the date stand out in your guests’ minds and really promote your day. If you are lucky enough to have help planning your day from a professional company then rest assured, you have time to choose invites! It’s a whole process that most couples tend not to realise until after they get engaged. Not only do you need to choose your colour scheme but the physical design of the invitations and text styles. When you’re looking into all of this, using companies such as http://www.beckymalephotography.com can really help with the big things, never mind the little things like the invites. Not that invitations are a small part of a wedding – without them you have no guests – but in comparison to the venue!

Your save the dates can make the biggest statement about you as a bride and both of you as a couple and while Pinterest is littered with thousands of ideas, you may have a colour scheme more personal. This can be arranged! Try and have an idea of whether you want simple and elegant or glam and bright before you choose an actual invite. It’ll give everyone an idea of the type of day you’re going to have and using companies like http://www.beckymalephotography.com you’re able to choose everything you want for your wedding and hand over some of the organising so you can think about the invites as well as the design. Think about the size of your save the dates and your invites as the bigger the envelope, the more it can cost to send out to people. Try to avoid light ink on light backgrounds and vice versa because you want to be able to actually read your stationery. The words should stand out be beautiful all at the same time. Start early and send out your save the dates at minimum six months in advance and make the save the dates pop!

Use bright and bold colours or a different cut of the invitation so you can make your date memorable. You won’t need a save the date for every guest, just every household. This can really keep down costs if you address each envelope per household rather than sending four or five of the same information to one house. You can either choose to send these ahead inside the invitation or have them on chairs on the day if you don’t have ushers to hand them out.

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Where Should You Get Married?

Posted By on Mar 1, 2017

Planning a wedding is exciting as it is but planning a city wedding with a rustic, historical feel is even more exciting than usual. Castles and beautiful palace grounds, royal parks and even boat weddings on the Thames, there’s something for every Unique Wedding Planner London to organise. Choosing to have your wedding here really depends on whether you are interested in history or countryside greenery and we’ve put together some top tips for visiting one of the truly buzzing cities in the world!

The amount of times people go and visit and become changed because of London is written all over the history pages. There’s nothing like London. It may be a grey and very busy city but it is the capital of England and the business hub of the country. It’s also filled to the brim with wedding venues and churches of all denominations. There is so much of our past weighted heavily in London and it is still a twenty four hour city that never sleeps. Choosing the city to hold your wedding is about weighted history and beautiful photography with one of the most iconic cities in the world. Being able to impress your guests and look back on your wedding day knowing you made an impact, and had the most memorable day is key.

Make sure you have your guests sort out their Oysters. We don’t mean the food although there are plenty of restaurants that serve such a delicacy, we mean the travel card. Being able to hop from bus to train to tube and back within the six zones of the London perimeter sounds complex but ensuring that you pick up an Oyster card from any tube station means all that hip-hopping around London won’t cost you anywhere near as much as the paper ticket. Oyster up before you go and make sure you map your route around the underground. Advance booking your meals, especially if you’re a family and don’t want to stick to the likes of McDonalds and Five Guys, means that you can ensure you’ve a dinner reservation in some of the busiest places. Being able to turn up at TGI Fridays in Leicester Sq and not actually have to wait for a table can really make the difference to the evening especially with younger kids in tow. Exploring London for wedding venues can get tiresomely busy!

Be aware of the trains! If you’re unlucky enough to not have a car, train travel is usually the method of transport to get into London from further away and the earlier you book the cheaper it is. Make sure that you have a railcard if you travel as a family or a Two Together railcard works for couples.  Make lists! List churches, list hotel venues, list halls and palaces and make plans with your wedding coordinator to plan a wedding in Surrey to put down deposits and broker deals with some of the swankiest of places. Make a timetable of meetings you have to attend and ensure you’re sorted for travel costs and lunch etc before you start.

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The majority of the people like to see plants and flowers. To improve the indoor environment of your office building, then you should consider having a high quality of interior landscaping in London. There are several benefits that you can enjoy in a quality interior landscaping. But before you start looking for an interior landscaping company, here is everything you need to know about the project.

Designing and consultation

When it comes to designing, an interior landscaping professional is going to offer alogical solution design that matches the current condition of your working environment. Regardless if it is already an existing interior landscape or you wanted a new installation for your office building, to have a complete and successful planning process, you should know how to hire a professional interiorscape designer.

The services that they offer includes the specifications of the plants that you wanted to include in the design. If it is an existing interior landscape, then they need to evaluate it first. They are also the one who are responsible for writing the specifications for the said project, and they will guide you in looking for a contractor when it comes to maintenance work. Aside from that, they are also the one who will outsource all the materials that you are going to need.


After the planning process, you are now in the phase of installation. When it comes to installation, do not just depend on the price itself as the factor that you need to consider. It is important that the contractor is qualified to do the work and they can meet your standards and expectations. When you are going to search for a contractor, there are several factors that you need to consider first to make sure that you can work with a qualified and professional contractor for your project.

When it comes to installation, it is highly advisable to talk to your contractor and make it off-site so that you are not going to disrupt your workers who are working around in the process of installation. You should also make sure that your contractor can pick the highest possible quality of the plant material that they are going to utilize for the design of your interior landscape. There are some techniques in planting that should also be taken into consideration tofollow the industry practices and to assure that the plants match the environmental condition of your working place as what we have mentioned above.

Maintenance work

After they have installed and made your design a reality, you are now required for the maintenance work. Since the maintenance work requires more time unlike the designing and installation that only requires a short amount of time to finish, there are several contractors that could do the job for you. They will make sure that they can keep the beauty and the health of the plants in your indoor environment.

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Believe it or not, there are some effective changes in having one office room decorated and upgraded. You may not notice it now, but you will soon realize that having the whole office redecorated gives the feeling that the atmosphere has improved into something more comfortable and relaxing to work with. This is why having to redesign the whole office area can be important to you and everybody who are working under you. For there are a lot of improvements that make the employee’s work ethics much more satisfying instead of half-hearted and poorly done work.

The idea of having to redecorate the rooms in your office brings out a good mood to everybody, making them happy and relaxed. They no longer feel tense nor pressured because they are surrounded by a room full of fun and excitement. The work area will be filled with calming color that doesn’t hurt the eyes and doesn’t make you feel distracted as you work. Instead, if you change the whole room in something livable everybody would be attracted to it and find it amazing to see a well-done and well-made room with no flaws.

office painting

It can come in many ways; you will attract more clients because appearance is important to you and your business, or you will have more future employees who would want to join and apply working. For the appearance of the business is one of the factors to have a successful corporation. And also, having to change a few things inside one office room will help remove anything that might cause dangerous situations to your people. For example, there are cracks in the ceiling and the walls, if left them unattended then there’s a high change the room will be covered with asbestos. So, for the sake of the employees and your health it is better to have it fixed than live it until it has become a problem.

It is a good thing to have the whole area transformed into something new. It keeps everybody motivated, and it helps to make the living situation liveable while working. But it can also prevent unwanted problems that might spring up as the days go by. You might even notice some damages in the area if you inspect the place so having to call the Office Refurbishment Service will handle the situation more effectively and immediately.

After all, it is preferable to have someone who has the resources and the skills to work on redesigning the office to your preference immediately. The Office Fit-Out Service can give you the help that you need to have it all done without any delay, after all doing it by yourself may not be such a good idea. For one, it can be difficult for you and it will give an added load to your plate that you don’t need, so having the help of the professionals will surely relieve you of some of the stress.

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Choosing the right style of wedding dress will really depend on a lot of factors. Your age, colouring, height and even weight can come into it. Every girl wants the dream princess dress but whatever that means for you, you want to look good. Your weight itself doesn’t matter (except to some brides it does) but realistically you want to choose a dress that will flatter your shape whatever that is. Wedding dresses come in so many different styles it can be really hard to choose but what looks good on the hanger needs to look good on you and when you find the right dress, you’ll know for sure.

You’re going to the chapel and you’re going to get married! Congratulations on your impending nuptials! As a girl I’m sure you dreamed of this moment and even more importantly, the wedding dress you are going to wear. Every little girl daydreams and moons over large princess dresses a la Cinderella but the reality as an adult is different – well, mostly! There are a lot of beautiful wedding dress shops Glasgow and across the United Kingdom and wedding dresses are looked upon with actual reverence by most women. wedding dress shops Glasgow

The shops that are dedicated to bridal shopping in Glasgow are full of racks stuffed with the most precious, beautiful bridal gowns you could imagine. There are a lot of types of wedding dress stores London out there carrying a medley of dresses ranging from a-line to tapered fish tail. They come in many colours and lengths and you could have an absolute ball with your bridesmaids trying dresses on and sipping champagne. It’s an emotional occasion for your mum too so make sure you invite her along. Her seeing you in a wedding dress is a moment she will remember for the rest of her life and being that she’s your mum, you’ll likely want her input anyhow. Ensure that you have a good tailor to alter yours and your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Obviously it would beneficial if no one got themselves pregnant between trying on dresses and the big day but sometimes these things happen and as long as you have a great tailor, then they can be on hand for alterations as time goes on. Choosing tea length dresses for a more fifties style of wedding can be a beautiful fit and you can even choose colours that aren’t ivory or white. A coloured dress is ever more popular as the years go on, with some people choosing to be wed in fancy dress which is actually less popular. There’s something so clean and beautiful in a white or ivory dress so if you are the traditional type, you’ll find different shops up and down the country will have your dream dress.

Even the high street houses places like John Lewis and Debenhams and Marks and Spencers, which all carry elegant wedding dresses but without the custom made boutique price tag. You want to feel like a princess on your wedding day and we all know that the power to do that lies not with your future husband, but in the silk and layers of your wedding dress.

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Top Tips for Home Redecorating

Posted By on Nov 21, 2016

There’s something exciting about sprucing up a room in the home and making everything beautiful as it feels so fresh when it happens. It’s recommended that you repaint every three to four years to spruce up dull colouring on the walls as after five years, paint fades or yellows. If the way you live in your home has changed with either the arrival of a new baby or the departure of a family member as they move out of the home, it’s a fantastic opportunity to address your home’s décor and renovate to better suit your new daily patterns. For walls in high traffic areas such as hallways and landings, and at the very least you should consider either hiring a team of painters northampton or do it yourself every three years. Hiring in a professional – especially in the case of a nursery needing decorated – means that you have help to ensure the right paint types are used. Your decorator can also use and advise on window treatments like valance with fabrics like velvet, silk or linen as these have more staying power. Over candle-912773_640time, fabrics are exposed to sunlight and fade, blinds can break and styles and fashions change all the time. It’s really unlikely that 1980’s balloon curtains are going to come back in style! It’s always good therefore to consider changing your window treatments every 10 years.

Wallpaper and dado rails along with coving may have been a huge attraction in the early 00’s but if your walls are going out of style then your home is going to look outdated. It doesn’t make the best impression for your guests and can be fairly depressing to deal with! A professional company specialising in home decorating Rugby will be helpful in advising you what styles and colours would be the best to open the rooms of your home and making things as bright as possible. Home décor magazines and décor shows can be a good source of inspiration for re-decorating. If you are at a loss as to what to do, whether to change a few things or renovate every room, ask your friends and family for ideas! If your budget allows for it, consult an interior designer to assist you in your home and they will be able to give advice on more than just painting and coving issues.

Rarely is a home perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Redecorating can take a lot of energy and resources but even the smallest project can have a big impact. Redecorating can take some money and it’s easy to put off projects and not make changes because of the expense. If you don’t have the budget for a huge home makeover, just shifting furniture around and making space for new artwork on the walls can freshen up a space! Hiring the right decorator can really make a difference in the home. Switch up to energy saving lightbulbs and black out blinds to make savings!

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The Importance of Boat Insurance

Posted By on Nov 21, 2016

One of the first questions that you should ask yourself when buying boating insurance is what the best cover is for you to protect your boat if something goes wrong? In this article we have prepared a short guide which may help you to choose the most appropriate cover for you and your new purchase. Asking yourself why you need boat insurance is a fair question and surprisingly it is actually not a legal requirement to have insurance for boats on the water. Having appropriate cover makes sound financial sense for you especially in the case of an accident so looking into what you need is paramount. There are marine mortgage companies that offer compulsory insurance as part of their money lending process however there are two reasons why boat insurance is not a “would like to have” but a “must have”. You have to protect your investment against loss or damage which could ultimately result in a large and costly repair bill if the worst were to happen. This is something you definitely don’t want!


Secondly if you don’t have adequate insurance you cannot be protected against third-party liability for injury or damage caused by you or the boat. Companies like www.ribshackmarine.co.uk who sell boats will mention this during their sales pitch. This can be very pricey if you’re not insured. A lot of things can influence the premium that will be payable whether you buy a tiny little boat to large superyacht or a fast jet ski, each boat will attract a different level of risk. Insurance for boats is categorised according to the boat type it goes about saying that a large boat with a powerful engine costing several hundred thousand pounds will be far more expensive to insure than a smaller less powerful craft like a JetSki.

A super yacht will have a very different risk assessment for the JetSki or a tiny wooden boat or a dinghy and you should consider the type of vessel and any potential repair bills before calculating your premium. The area in which you intend to keep and use the boat will also have an influence on the level of premium you pay. This can actually have restrictions on your cover for as it needs to be assessed for local weather conditions. If your boat is able to be trailered and spend a large amount of time tucked away on your drive you will likely pay something different than if it is stored at a marina. Make sure that you are aware that trailered boat can actually only be covered under your car insurance so if you’re trailered boat causes an accident it is your car insurance that will take the hit not your boat insurance.

When looking for a policy the level of premium is obviously very important but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Try and strike a balance between costs versus benefits and ask are there any replacement costs issued on the new for old basis and ensure that your policy covers any cruising round. You can get third party insurance that provides protection for you or somebody using your boat from claims made by other people for death or injury or damage to third-party property for which you can become legally liable. Whether you buy your policy from a specialist insurance broker, from existing car insurance companies or just online, they all have their own merits the main point is that you only insure the appropriate and don’t scrimp on the cover if your demands are likely to be high.

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A Handy Guide to Cellulite

A Handy Guide to Cellulite

Posted By on Oct 11, 2016

There are a lot of names associated with cellulite on the skin. These range from orange peel to porridge oats because of their lumpy, bumpy appearance under the skin. Most people believe that cellulite only affects women but contrary to this belief, it can affect men too. Of course, cellulite is far more prominent in women and this is why most products aimed at getting rid of it is geared toward the female market. Lotions, potions, body brushes, firming ointments, spa treatments: you name it, it’s out there and it all promises to make the cellulite that forms under the skin go away.

The fashion magazines and billboards culture that we live in creates a cultural and social anxiety where cellulite is concerned and let’s be honest; it’s rare to get through life without encountering it on your own body. The thing is, this particular cultural anxiety is perfect for the beauty business. Beauty is a relative term as we are told on an almost daily basis that we aren’t pretty enough or slim enough or tanned enough. The beauty industry makes billions a year based on our anxieties and to that end have created a massive amount of products that promise to win the battle over our lumpy thighs and bums. However, a miracle treatment has yet to be uncovered. There are velashape treatment Orange County available for those with a little more money and time to go for a spa day. These treatments along with coolscultping spa Orange County would be those marketed towards helping cellulite, unsightly blemishes and marks on our bodies.

Cellulite is indicative of extra fat on the body that we have and it would really make sense that in our very weight-phobic culture even the most famous are critiqued. Cellulite doesn’t only affect those who are overweight but also those who are skinny. Fat, thin, old and young it affects everyone. Desperate women will spend as much money as they can to try and get rid of the extra cellulite. Therapies like ultheraphy skin treatment Orange County are around to help the appearance of skin types. Cellulite appears with decreased circulation in certain areas so you get less oxygen and nutrition to those areas and what happens is a decrease in collagen production. Next, fat cells get bigger and come through the collagen and that’s where we see the lumpy appearance of cellulite. It doesn’t serve any type of purpose but it does show that we as a society have become lazier and the less movement we do, the more we see fatty deposits in the skin. With the birth of Photo Shop even the most beautiful women have had their legs and buttocks retouched and covered up so that the magazines don’t advertise the fact that it is entirely normal to have fat on the body.

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